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In the past three years, AcroMass has integrated efforts from engineering, software, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biomedical and other related fields. In the meantime, we have participated in several domestic and international seminars and exhibitions. In 2013, a prototype mass spectrometer which can measure 100,000 Dalton has been developed by AcroMass.

The next-generation ion-trap mass spectrometer has led to success and broken through the limitations of conventional mass spectrometers. In addition, technologies of AcroMass innovate upon the combination of Knudsen air-flow as buffer gas, modulated RF-field for ion motion coherence, and charge-sensing particle detector (all patented). Such that those large protein topics, e.g., antibody drug conjugates, impurities in monoclonal antibody, protein-based drugs, protein assemblies, etc., can be effectively and efficiently resolved. We believe our instruments are able to prepare an exceptional foundation of research for our customers.