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Mass spectrometer is a highly sensitive instrument in analytical chemistry. It can be used to identify unknown compounds. Due to high sensitivity and high accuracy, mass spectrometer has been widely used in a large number of fields such as medicine, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, material science, and pollutants in the environment.
Based on the range of ion mass/charge ratio, AMS-200 series can be used in many topics, e.g., bloodstream infection, single nucleotide polymorphism detection, defensins detection, and other omics.
The most unique characteristic of AMS-200 series is the widest mass range direct detection among all. By using AMD-200 series, users are able to analyze macromolecules directly.
Please refer to user manuals.
MALDI technique is used for AMD-201. In addition, ESI plugin can be applied to support liquid ionization as well.
Best sample preparation methods are varied based on different analytes. A general sample preparation procedure is described as follows:
  • Wash thoroughly with methanol and H2O
  • Mix sinapinc acid (matrix) with acetone until it is saturated.
  • Place 0.5 μL matrix on the sample plate and do not exceed the elliptic boundary
  • After drying, you can check crystallization via microscope. The best case is uniform crystallization.
  • Mix acetone with H2O. Concentration ratio: ACN:H2O = 40%:60% or 50%:50% (+0.1%TFA)
  • Place 0.5 μL sample on the sample plate. Please DO NOT touch the plate with the tip and DO NOT dissolve and penetrate the bottom matrix
  • The sample is ready to use once it is dried.
Once samples are prepared, it only takes around five to ten minutes. Accordingly, AMS-200 series reveal advantage of high throughput analysis.
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